Mediterranean short sea route Expertise.

Your Shipping Partner

We offer to Ship-Owners our expertise on shipping services on short sea routes in the Mediterranean Seas, and by being direct with the shippers, optimizing utilization and loading schedules, minimising ballasting and procuring better income generating cargoes under long term contracts, we can offer owners a better economical solution for their vessels, taking their vsl under our TC.

Broker and Maritime Investments

Chartering Dry cargo

Ecobulk Shipping  is the reliable partner for carrying your goods. We offer a competitive solution for all your logistical challenges. We aspire to be part of your value chain to safeguard your logistic process, and make it more efficient and economical viable. You can be assured that we will serve you optimally and offer the standard you desire and deserve. Our business is driven by the relationships we have built up over the years. Many of our principals became partners and friends. Amongst them are smaller trading houses and major players in the industry. 
More companies one team.

Maritime investments

Ecobulk Shipping is always interested in maritime opportunities and development, and we strive to offer the most economical viable vessels now and in the future. At present, we focus on new and modern ship designs to lower the emission footprint of our logistical chain, and increase its sustainability. These developments are essential for us, our partners and more importantly, for the next generations. Our investments are long term, and apart from investing ourselves, we always strive to do these together with our partners in the logistical chain.

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