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Fleet Technical Management

Flegrea Shipping Tech srl

We Offer to ship Owners full Fleet Technical Management Team, consisting of Technical Manager, Technical Assistant, Purchaser and Superintendents.

Crew management
We aiming to provide always a professional ambitious seafarers making sure that hardworking of the crew will increase efficiency and performance of the vsl.

Technical Manager / Purchaser
The teams all work closely together, supporting the ship crew with full assistance  to ensure the vessels are maintained to the high standard required by the internationals maritime regulations.
We offer spare-parts supply with all the high-quality required, minimizing costs being direct with most of shipping world supplier and providing also a big warehouse where we store all spare-parts supplied

Technical Assistant / Superintendents
Operated in compliance with relevant rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards laid down by Flegrea Shipping, maritime industry organisations, flag authorities and classifications societies at all times.

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